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COVID-19 Resources for Renters: Helpful Tips to Assist You During the Pandemic

Whether you’re searching for some ways to keep your rental unit sanitized and virus-free during the COVID-19 outbreak, or you’ve been laid off from your job and you’re looking for rent relief during the pandemic, we’ve assembled the following list of resources to assist you with these needs. For some resources on sanitizing your rental unit, obtaining the financial assistance you need, and staying safe, healthy, and sane during the coronavirus lockdown, read on.

Clean and Sanitize Your Rental

How to Keep Your Home Clean and Sanitized During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Shortages: When Clorox Wipes and Lysol Spray Will Be Available Again

COVID-19 Tips for Apartment Residents

Look for Financial Assistance if You Need It

Sample Letter: Asking Your Landlord to Lower Your Rent

Renters: How to Get COVID-19 Rent Relief

Lost Work Because of Coronavirus? How to Get Unemployment, Skip Loan Payments

Find Out If You’ll Qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Stay Busy with a Home Project or Two

24 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony

How to Reorganize and Declutter While Social Distancing at Home

Learn How to Create a Rental-Friendly Gallery Wall

Stay Fit & Healthy During Quarantine

Easy, Affordable, and Healthy Eating Tips During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Home Fitness: How to Choose Exercise Equipment and Where to Place It

5 Free Stress-Relieving Workouts to Do at Home During the Coronavirus

If Your Apartment Roommate Has Coronavirus Symptoms, Here's What a Doctor Says to Do

As a renter, you’re likely experiencing a variety of anxieties and fears amid the coronavirus outbreak — especially if you can no longer afford to pay your rent or you have a roommate who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. With these tips and resources, however, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to obtain financial assistance and stay as safe, healthy, and happy as possible during the coronavirus lockdown.

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